Are there building laws that apply to a fence?
Each county/town has different zoning laws that will require permits. There might be local restrictions on the height, width and design of your fence, and if you live in a development you may also need to get permission from your homeowner’s association before building. Almost every location may require you to contact your utility company to have them survey your land to make sure you don’t hit utility lines or pipes with your fence posts.

Should I Talk to My Neighbors?
There is no law saying you need to talk to your neighbors before installing a fence, you may want to give them a heads up. Especially if the home owner has small animals or children, so they can stay away from the construction area. It is possible that there are local rules or homeowner’s rules that require you to let your neighbors know.

How Deep Should I Dig for Posts?
Most fences require fence posts that are at least three feet deep unless it is an extremely tall fence. Post holes should always be dug at least three inches wider than the post itself so that concrete can be poured in the hole. Be sure to provide extra support if you will be installing a gate.

Should My Fence Reach the Ground?
Unless you’re building a certain type of fence to keep small animals out of your garden, then your fence should never touch the ground. This is because it could make taking care of your lawn more difficult, and more importantly it could accelerate the rate at which the materials your fence is constructed out of deteriorate due to moisture.

What Should I Make My Fence Out Of?
There are many different materials to choose from when deciding to build a fence. Deciding which material to use depends on why you are installing it and what your neighborhood and home look like. Our fence experts will work with you on choosing the right material for your home or business.

How Do I Decide How Tall My Fence Should Be?
Height depends on what the purpose of your fence is. If the purpose is to keep small dogs in, then the fence should be around 4 feet tall. Larger dogs require fences of around 6 feet or so. If your fence is decorative in nature it should be around 3 or 4 feet tall, and a security fence is often at least 6-8 feet tall.

How Durable Will My Fence Be?
Once again, this depends on a number of factors. Aluminum and vinyl fences require a very small amount of maintenance and can last for thirty years or more, while a wood fence might need to be cleaned, painted or sealed every couple of years. Always use treated wood if you are constructing something outdoors, as this can greatly improve its lifespan.