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Deer Control Products


Deer Control Steel Hex is a galvanized hexagonal steel PVC coated black fence. It is great for deer control, as well as other pests such as wolves, coyotes, and rabbits.  For its weight, Hex-Net is the strongest and least visible fence available.  The mesh size is 1" x 1.25" X  20 gauge. 

Hex-Net is steel reinforced and meets pool code safety requirements in most localities

(Check with your local zoning board, or contact us for more information).


Tenax- Cintoflex

Cintoflex is a more cost effective alternative Hex-Net.  Manufactured from non-toxic, dourable, high density black polypropylene, this product can withstand the effects of weather (extreme temperatures and the sun's ultra-violet rays).

Cintoflex is produced by a patented stretching and extruding process, allowing the mesh to be manufactured as a continuous net, possessing strength normally associated with wire netting.  There are four different mesh sizes to choose;

Available in rolls up to 15 feet high, multiple overlaps are eliminated in installations where height is required, such as aviaries. For added support, a bracing wire is run along the top, bottom and center of the mesh.   Each product, grid size and height is recommended for a particular use.